Communications Lacrima Crystal

魔水晶 (ラクリマ)




Holder Magic



Lacrima is a Magic crystalline substance found in both Earth Land and Edolas. Lacrima can be powered up with different spells and used for different purposes.

Known TypesEdit

  • Magically Charged Lacrima
  • Communications Lacrima Crystal
  • Wakaba with Exposive Lacrima
  • Special Fairy Tail Lacrima
  • Surveillance Lacrima
  • Magically Charged: A Mage can charge their Magic into the Lacrima to suit their uses. These then can be elementally charged like how Laxus Dreyar made Lacrima into Lightning Lacrima. Used for casting Thunder Palace spell.[1]
  • Communications Lacrima Crystal: Most used Lacrima which shaped like a crystal ball and used for communicate with others.[2]
  • Dragon Lacrima: A rare and extremely expensive Lacrima that gives individuals artificial Dragon Slayer powers when implanted (possibly surgically).[3]
  • Tanning Lacrima: used by Ren Akatsuki to create a suntan. A person can obtain whatever she or he desires in the space of about 5 min. The setting consists of numbers such as 61 to 65.[4]
  • Explosive Lacrima: A type of Lacrima that explodes. It was seen being used by Racer by strapping some to his body to sacrifice himself in an attempt to kill Lyon.[5]
  • Fuel Lacrima: In Edolas, it is full of Magic energy that is used as a fuel for Magical Vehicles.[6]
  • Movie Lacrima: It allows you to watch movies in the air.[7]
  • Surveillance Lacrima: A Lacrima resembling an eye that records images for security purposes; images can be reviewed independently later and Lacrimas must be changed out for new ones once they have reached their storage capacity.[8]
  • Lacrima-Vision: A floating rectangular Lacrima that shows images of locations.[9]



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