Ghoul Spirit Guild
Dark Guilds

闇の ギルド


Yami Girudo



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Earth Land



Dark Guilds (闇の ギルド Yami Girudo) are guilds that are no longer (or never were) recognized by the Magic Council; therefore they are treated as criminal organizations.[1] Dark Guilds are typically dismissive of legal guilds, seeing that they abide the rules imposed by the Magic Council. Their belief is that rules of the Council would only limit the potential of guilds as they place too many restrictions.


There is very little information known about the hierarchy of Dark Guilds. All Dark Guilds, like legal guilds, are run by their respective Guild Master. Dark Guilds have S-Class level Mages, but it is unknown if the Mages in question are called "S-Class Mages". In the Grimoire Heart Guild they have a Deputy Commander, or second in charge, of their guild.[2]

Balam AllianceEdit

Balam Alliance

Balam Alliance

The Balam Alliance (バラム同盟 Baramu Dōmei) is an alliance between three of the four most powerful Dark Guilds in the world. Despite being referred to as an alliance, the three guilds do not interact with each other at all, and their alliance is nothing more than a non-aggression pact. They control the underworld; all Dark Guilds, with the exception of Raven Tail, are under the control of one of the three.[3] At the moment, the alliance consists of only two guilds following the disbandment and dissolution of Oración Seis.


  • The word Balam, in "Balam Alliance", is the name of a King of Hell who rules over 40 Legions of demons.


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